We are excited to announce that 'TexEmit' our latest tool for Unity developers is now available on the Unity Asset Store!

TexEmit allows users to emit particles from points generated by a texture on a UV unwrapped mesh within the Unity game engine. We feel that TexEmit fills a gap in the existing particle system tool-set and affords developers more control over how they would like to leverage the already awesome Unity particle system tools.

How it works
TexEmit works by reading taking a reference texture map that is applied to a UV unwrapped mesh and then generates points from which it will then emit particles as defined by the user.  This works in exactly the same way a standard emissive map does. Areas masked out will not emit particles, whereas areas of the texture that are not masked will emit particles from the attached particle system once points are generated.

Emission points generated by reference texture.

Emission points generated by reference texture.

Users are able to customise the functionality of their particle system through the existing particle system tools and with some added controls that we have provided. These additional controls allow users to determine the amount of points generated, the colour of the particle determined by the texture at the emission location, emission aligned to the normals of the sample location, debug options and computation intensity to name a few.


What are some examples of use cases?
At present, TexEmit can simply allow you the freedom to take an existing mesh and through use of an emission map, emit particles from a particular location or number of locations on your mesh.

We are currently using this tool commercially to emit particles from character armour sets/ weapons (think the cracks in a sword) and environment meshes that need that extra "pop".

Why is it in Beta?
We decided to release TexEmit in beta so we can develop it alongside our users as they discover what they want from this tool. While it is feature complete in terms of solving the initial desire to emit particles from a texture, we feel we can make this tool even better with a few more features. 

As we are still in beta we have discounted what we think is a valuable addition to a developers arsenal. TexEmit will remain 60% off ($20 USD) all the way up until we hit v1.0.

What are the upcoming features?
There are many features we would like to include as we continue to push towards v1.0 shortly. Some of these are:

  • Script based emission parameters (contextual emission)
  • Mask texture to selectively spawn particles (mask can update mask at runtime and particles will emit accordingly)
  • Even better efficiency when generating emission points
  • GPU computation
  • Distance emission (currently unable to do emission over distance)

We're really excited to have TexEmit out and available to use today. If you do pick it up, let us know how you go with it. If you think of some additional features you would like to see or have any questions you can ask them or let us know over on the r/unity3d reddit post or over on the official Unity forum.

You can download the TexEmit documentation for further info on how it works here.
You can purchase TexEmit here.

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