We're here! We did it. 

This post marks the beginning of 2Ginge, a game making partnership consisting of Perren Spence-Pearse and Jair McBain.

Presently we are putting the finishing touches on a number of tools for other developers that we have been working away on for the past few months. These tools will be available via the Unity Asset Store in the coming weeks and we hope you'll find them mighty useful. Keep your eyes peeled for release announcements via our mailing list, we'll be sure to make sure you're the first to hear.

As well as our tool development efforts, we've been working on a free to play Dice Rolling app with a very premium feel. We noticed that while there are many solutions for those looking for a simple digital dice roller, there were none that really made it an aesthetically pleasing experience. This is where we come in. Aside from simple dice rolling mechanics for RPG players, we're also going to be giving you a large variety of custom dice and rolling environments so you can control every element of your next tabletop RPG campaign. This project will be dropping Q1 2017 on iOS/ Android and Steam.

We're very excited to announce this venture and we hope that you will join us on the journey.

- Jair McBain